MyChart North Memorial

Login to use your memorial health system today on By signing up for an account or signing into your North Memorial My Chart account you will be able to access convenient health care features to make managing your heal easier. These features include managing your future appointments and accessing your lab test results. By visiting the MyChart North Memorial login page you will have the option to log into your account, create a new one using your activation code, or get more information about the program by using the links provided in the “Learn More…” Box.

North Memorial Health care provides some of the most advanced medical care available. The care that they provide patients with ranges in form. They provide emergency, urgent, and special medical care for people requiring specialty programs by providing them with the resources that they need.  mychartnorthmemorial_com

More About MyChart NorthMemorial

There are many different health care facilities that you may have received care from to qualify to receive your activation code for your North Memorial mychart account. These facilities include:

  • North Memorial Medical Center
  • Maple Grove Hospital
  • Minnetonka Medical Center
  • North Memorial Air
  • North Memorial Primary
  • Urgent Care Clinic
  • Urgency Centers

If you have received care and a end-of-visit summary paper with a My Chart activation code on it to help you view your electronic health record, you can create your account or log into it on the My Chart North Memorial login page. By logging into your personal account you will be able to

  • Manage all of your near-future health appointments
  • View your lab test results quickly
  • Send in requests to have your prescriptions refilled
  • Communicate with your doctor

Simply enter all of your login information into the fields provided in order to sign in. This information includes your username and password. If you happen to forget your username or password, there are links available to help you retrieve or reset this information. If you have not already created an account and would like to do so, you can use the “Sign Up Now” to being the process of creating your personal NorthMemorial My Chart account.

Feel free to learn more about what you are signing up for by activating the links under the “Learn More…” Section. To get answers to a variety of commonly asked questions, you can visit the FAQs page by using the appropriate link. You are also encouraged to use the “Terms and Conditions” link to read the terms and conditions of using this electronic health record program.