UC MyChart

Login to your MyChart UC Health Systems account now on my.uchealth.com. If you would like to use your personal computer or mobile device to access your test results or communicate with yout personal health care team, including your physician, this is the place to do it. By logging in or creating a My Chart UC account you will also be able to send in requests to get your prescriptions refilled or view details about your past, present, and future appointments and manage them with ease. If you would like to view a video to learn what the online medical record can do for you, there is a link available at the bottom of the MyChart UC login page to allow you to do so.

UC Health operates primarily out of the University of Cincinnati Medical Center but has health care centers to provide world-class quality care all the way in the state-of-the-art West Chester Hospital. No matter which facility you have received care from, you can be sure that UC Health always delivers only the best inpatient treatment and care. If you are or have recently been a patient of UC and would like to log into your MyChart account to view your online medical record, you can do so on the My Chart U C Health login page.

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There are many benefits of logging into your MyChart UCHealth account. Among some of these are ones that are quite standard to all MyChart accounts.  These include:

  • Communicate with your physician to get your non-urgent medical questions answered
  • Request a prescription refill for any one of your refillable medications without even having to step foot into your physicians office
  • Access your test results within days of having your tests done, rather than waiting weeks for the results to come in the mail or to receive a phone call from your physician
  • Manage all of your appointments whether past, present or future

If you need assistance logging on, you can call the phone number 513-585-5353. This phone number, however, is not for the use of asking medical questions. If you would like to get your medical questions answered you are free to contact your primary physician or the appropriate physician. Please do not use the messaging feature on My UC Health to send any messages that require even remotely urgent attention. For any urgent medical concerns or situations, contact your doctor’s office or call 9-1-1.