MyChart FAQ

This page is provided so that patients can get answers to many commonly asked questions regarding MyChart. There are four categories that are available for you to browse through. These are

  • Basic information
  • Setting up your account
  • General use information
  • Family Access for MyChart

Basic Information 

What exactly is MyChart?

What MyChart does for its clients is offer safe and secure online access to some of your electronic health records. This gives you the ability to safely use the internet to not only receive your health information, but also manage it at the time most convenient for you. There are also many activities that you can perform while using MyChart including:

  • View and look over your medical test results
  • View your list of current medications and allergies
  • Request to schedule medical appointments
  • Send in requests to have your prescriptions refilled
  • Communicate with your personal medical care team via your electronic device in a secure manner

Are there any requirements for using MyChart?

Yes, you must be at least 18 years of age or older, have a valid SSN, and be a patient of a provider that is enrolled in and using some form of electronic health records software. Some exclusions may apply.

What are the fees associated with using MyChart?

At this time, there are not any fees that are required to use the program. If you would like some more information, you can refer to the Terms and Conditions of MyChart.

How do I sign up?

There are a few different ways that you can request to gain access to MyChart:

  1. If you visit a medical professional’s office that uses an electronic health records software system then patient registration will be able to gather together all of the needed information from you when you visit in order to assign you your own MyChart activation or access code as well as instructions on how to assist you with in-room MyChart sign-up.
  2. If you visit a hospital or emergency department, the same rules apply. Patient Registration will be able to get together all of the needed information in order to assign you a MyChart access code as well as instructions.

The activation code and instructions that you will provided with will give you the ability to log in and create your own personal username and password and get your account activated.

Once you receive your activation code you will need to use it immediately to get your MyChart account activated. The code is only good for a one-time-use and remains valid for only 60 days after it is issued.

Is every patient automatically issued a MyChart code account?

No not every patient will be automatically issued an activation code for a MyChart account, however, it is strongly encouraged to sign up, so a MyChart account will be offered but may be declined if you so wish.


Setting Up Your Account

How do I choose my username and password?

When you receive your activation code, you will also be provided with instructions that will help direct you to the MyChart homepage and help you to get started with your account. Once you enter your activation code you will be asked to create your login ID/username and password. This is what you will use every time you want to log in to access your MyChart account, for this reason, you are encouraged to make sure that both your username and password are unique to you and easy for you to remember time and time again. Also, try and avoid using information in your user ID and password that may be easy for other people to guess, such as your name. Keep in mind the following points when creating your login information:

  • Your login ID needs to be 6-18 characters in length (letters and numbers allowed only, no spaces)
  • Once you have selected your user ID it cannot be changed.
  • Your password needs to be 8-18 characters long and has to include at least one number and one letter
  • Enter your email address so that you get updated when you have new information that you want to view

What should I do if I forget my MyChart ID and password?

Click on the “Forgot MyChart ID” link on the login page to get instructions on how to have your username emailed to you. As long as you follow the instructions correctly and answer all of the security questions correctly, you will be emailed your ID. If you need more help, please contact customer support at 206-320-4278 or if long-distance, 877-240-4474.

If you forgot your password, you can set up a new one by following basically the same steps. Click on the “Forgot Password” link on the login page to get instructions on how to have your username emailed to you. As long as you follow the instructions correctly and answer all of the security questions correctly, you will be able to reset your password. If you need more help, please contact customer support at 206-320-4278 or if long-distance, 877-240-4474.


General Use Information

Can I email my physician through MyChart?

Yes, you can. However, it is to be noted that this messaging system is for non-urgent messages and matters only. For medical emergencies, dial 9-1-1.

The messaging system is a secure way to communicate with your healthcare team electronically. After creating your account you will be able to select any of the physicians from your healthcare facility that you have already seen from a drop-down menu.

How will I be able to view my information once I log in?

Your medical information after a visit to a healthcare facility such as a hospital or emergency department will start showing up 36 hours after you have been discharged if you already have your account set up. Of course, depending on the types of tests that were done, it may take up to several weeks for the results to get posted.

Information after a visit to a clinic will start showing up in your MyChart account about 48 hours after your visit if you already have your account set up. Depending on what type of test was conducted on you during your visit, though, it may take several weeks for the information to be posted.

If you had any tests done before setting up your account, they may not automatically show up in your account. If you would like to view this information speak to your provider about having it added.

Will my healthcare physician use MyChart to contact me?

When your physician releases information they may include a message to help you understand the significance of the information. If you sent a message via the message feature, your healthcare team may reply with a message via your MyChart account as well.

Who should I call if I have questions about my test results?

If the test itself was conducted during your visit to the office then you can contact the office with questions.

If, however, the test was conducted at a visit to a hospital or emergency department, you will need to follow up with your primary care provider or specialist that was involved in your care at your hospital stay that also provides your care in a clinic.

What should I do if some of my health information listed in MyChart is incorrect?

Remember that the information that you view on MyChart come directly from the electronic health records system from your healthcare team. If the information that you believe to be incorrect is related to one of your visits, contact your physician’s office and discuss it at your next visit.

MyChart Family Access

Am I able to give others access to my account or get access to the account of my loved one(for whom I am responsible)?

Yes, proxy access may be requested by parents and/or legal guardians of children for which they are responsible for who are under the age of 13 years old as well as by adult children or the legal guardians of adults. If you are 18 years of age or older, you may make a request to have another person as a proxy for your medical records.

If you are an adult patient, the forms for the activation of a proxy must be entirely completed and signed as well as accompanied by a form of photo identification for both you (the patient) as well as the person to be designated as the proxy. The proxy will be required to provide proof having guardianship or medical power of attorney. If the patient is not able to sign legal documents and doesn’t have either a legal guardian or a power of attorney then a proxy cannot be assigned to the patient.

Contact your child’s pediatrician for more information.

Can my mate and I share an account?

No. This is due to federal privacy policy regulations. Each adult must sign up for their own MyChart account.