McFarland Mychart

Access your McFarland Clinic MyChart account by logging in on With your MyChartMcFarland account you will be able to communicate with your personal health care team in order to get your important health questions answered. While this feature of your account should not be used for urgent medical matters, it is still a very convenient option that you will be able to access from your home computer or even your electronic mobile device if you choose to download the MyChart Mobile App. Learn more by accessing or registering for your account today!

This program and portal are meant for the patients of the McFarland Clinic and the Mary Greeley Medical Center located in the area of Central Iowa. In fact, it is the largest physician-owned multi-specialty clinic in the area. The Mc Farland Clinic was founded almost a century ago by G.E McFarland, Sr, M.D and others. More than a million patients visit McFarland clinics every year. At these clinics you will see over 200 medical providers and 1,000 other staff members. Truly a well equipped team. If you are a member of the McFarland community you can use your MyChart Iowa account to connect whenever you wish.

Logging Into Your MyChartMcFarland Account mychartiowa_com

Logging into your account is very easy of you have already set it up before. All you have to do is enter your MyChart ID and password into the spaces provided on the login section of the page and you will be able to sign into your account successfully. If you have forgotten your MyChart username or password you can use either of the two links provided in order to help you reset or recover this information. If you would like to avoid this problem altogether or in the future it is suggested that you store your login information in a safe place.

If you have yet to create an account then you can set it up using the “Activate Your Account” button. You can also request to have proxy access if you are the main health care provider of your loved one who the account is meant for.

Manage appointments, access test results, request refills on prescriptions and communicate with your health care team by logging int your account or your loved ones account. This free program is here to help you. All you have to do is sign up using the Access Code that you have received. You can also download the MyChart Mobile Application for added on-the-go access.