Borgess My Chart

Access your electronic health record online and on-the-go with myborgesshealth. Having your personal health care information available at your fingertips anytime will help you to make better decisions about your health. Stay connected by managing your own personal health record, communicate with your healthcare provider, look over educational materials and more.

With this online portal you will be able to access a variety of  features. Using My BorgessHealth you will be able to view health and wellness information that will benefit yourself and your whole family. You will also be able to access your personal medical records if the need arises.

You do not have to be concerned for the safety of your personal medical information. My Borgess Health is available based on access to a secure server that you get directly connected to when you log in. This method keeps all of your information completely safe and secure.

How to Enroll with MyBorgessHealth 

In order to create an account with Borgess My Health Chart you will need to fill out and submit an enrollment form. This form can be obtained from and submitted to your care provider. After you have submitted this form, your provider will email you a secure link with which you can begin the account creation process.

You can download the Frequently Asked Questions brochure to get all of your questions answered before signing up. There is a phone number provided on that FAQ page that will direct you to customer technical support if needed. If you have general questions you will need to contact Borgess Health Connect. Any medical related questions should be directed towards your physician.

On the Borgess homepage, hit the “Log in to MyBorgessHealth” button to be redirected to the official login portal. This portal will be titled CernerHealth and will be opened in a separate window on your computer.

You will need to enter your email address or your username with your password in otrder to log in. Use the “Forgot Password” link to get help restoring or resetting your password if you have forgotten it. To avoid this problem altogether it is suggested that you keep both your username and password in a safe place. For your security, it is also suggested that if the computer that you are using is not owned or controlled by you, turn on “private browsing” so as to keep your personal health information protected.

Borgess Medical Centers revolve around healing rather than just care. All medical centers operated by Borgess are places where people can come to get well and connect with others. Through methods of combined compassionate care and medical expertise, this company has been able to touch hundreds of thousands of lives in many unexpected ways.