UIHC MyChart

Receive expert health care right from your home computer when you log into your MyChart account on mychart.uihealthcare.org. This high quality health care is available when you use the UIeCare feature from your MyChart University of Iowa Hospitals and clinics account. This feature is available for members at any location and at any time. It is advised, though, that this feature only be used for minor conditions. You are also asked to be aware that you will need a web cam on your computer in order to participate in an eVisit.

If you are having a more serious issue, you can use the appointment managing feature to schedule an appointment with your doctor. Not all appointments can be scheduled through this feature, however, certain clinics will accept appointments made via MyChart depending on the nature of the visit. To schedule an appointment, log into your UIMyChart account and hit “Self-Schedule an Appointment” to get started with the process. Learn more on mychart.uihealthcare.

More about MyChartUIHealthCare 

If you already have a University Hospital of Iowa My Chart account that you would like to log into, you can use the login field of the homepage to do so. The information that you will be required to give is your MyChart Identification and your Password. There are also two separate links that are available for you to use if you have forgotten either your username or your password. Simply activate the link that is most appropriate for the issue that you are having and you will be redirected to a page that will help you recover or reset your information. It is advised that to avoid this problem in the future or altogether you keep your login information in a secure place.

If you have yet to create an account, you can use the Sign Up Now button to get started. To create an account, however, you will need an activation code from your doctor or hospital. You can call your health center to request one if you do not have one. You can also request one online on the first page of the account creation process. A button will be available to help you do so. This button is labeled Request Access to YOUR Records. If you are attempting to set up an account on behalf of your child or an incapacitated family member you can use either the MyChart Parental/Guardian Access or Mychart Incapacitated Access to receive a code.