The Polyclinic My Chart

Access your interactive health record with your MyChart account through With MyChart you will be able to gain 24/7 access to your electronic health record. This access is completely secure and will help you to manage your health better. Do this by accessing your test results, viewing your health summary and more.

The Polyclinic has a long history of collaborative care. It was founded in the year 1917 and has always had the mission of promoting health of its patients through personalized health care. The faculty of the Polyclinic consists of hundreds of top primary care and specialty physicians as well as advanced practice clinicians. It is distinguished as one of the largest multi-specialty clinics in the entire region of Puget Sound. There are more than a dozen different Polyclinic location throughout the greater Seattle area. If you are a patient, log into your PolyclinicMyChart account now to view all of your visit information.

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Consider all of the different benefits that come with using your MyChart Polyclinic account:

  • View your available health summary – with this you are able to get a quick look at your overall health history, as well as your immunization record, medications, allergies and recommended preventive services.
  • Communicate with your personal health team – this feature allows you to not only send, but also receive e-messages from your care team.
  • Request prescription refills – as soon as you run out of refills on your prescription medication you can send in a request for the prescription to be renewed as long as it is currently being prescribed to you.
  • Access test results early – automatically released lab and imaging tests for your viewing and access. This is days or even weeks faster than the traditional ways of receiving test results
  • Request & manage appointments – you can request to have a Polyclinic appointment with your physician or view the summary of any of your past appointments

How do you sign up for MyChart if you have not already done so? Well, there are two different ways to sign up and both are very easy. During your next appointment with your physician you can tell any member of your health team that you would like to sign up for MyChart. There you will receive an activation code and instructions on how to set up your account. You can also call the phone number 206.320.6767 or 855.322.6767 and you will be sent an access agreement to fill out and then mail back. Once it is received, you will be called in order to verify your identity. Then, you will be given your activation code over the telephone.