Renown My Chart

As a patient of Renown login to your Renown My Chart account today on MyChart Renown is designed to help you as an individual patient. By logging in, you will be able to send messages to your doctor to get answers to your medical questions as well as schedule appointments online. If you have not yet created an account but would like to, you will need to have your activation code handy in order to get started with the account creation process. Login now for instant convenience and information.

Renown Health can be found in Reno. It is the sole locally-governed, not-for-profit health network. The purpose of the organization is to serve all of the needs of the patients that walk through the doors and the communities that host facilities.

If this is your first time visiting My Renown Chart, you can easily create an account as long as you have an activation code. Your activation code can be found on your enrollment letter. After you are done setting up your account, you will no longer need that code. Along with your activation code, you will also need to provide your email address and date of birth. If you do not already have an access code and would like to have one, then you can request for one to be send to your email by using the appropriately labeled button on the login page. You will be asked to fill out and submit some personal information and submit it. Once you do, you will receive an email with your activation code.

Logging Into Your MyChartRenown Account mychartrenown_org

Logging into your MyChart Renown account is quite easy as long as you have your login information stored in a safe place or memorized. All you need to do is enter your username and password into the designated boxes in the “Member Login” box. But what if you forget your password? Well, in that situation, there are two links that are provided for you to use to help you recover or reset your login information. If you are trying to reset your password, you will need to have some specific information on-hand including your username.

There are many different things that you will be able to do after logging in, ranging from messaging to scheduling features. Here are a few of the features that you will be able to access after logging in:

  • Communicate with your physician’s office
  • Schedule and cancel appointments
  • Receive your test results within days
  • Request for a refill on prescriptions