MyChart Baylor

Communicate with your doctor using the messaging feature of By accessing your account you will be able to send a message directly to your personal health care team and receive a response within days or according to the availability of staff at your physician’s office. Please keep in mind that this messaging feature is not to be used in any type of emergency situation. If you are having an urgent medical problem that requires emergency attention please call 911. Find out more about other benefits of your MyChart account today by logging in.

The Baylor College of Medicine is located in the city of Houston, Tx. With a collaborative approach to health care they are able to provide patients with the best service and care possible via more specialists, greater access to clinical trials and an overall better quality of life. Baylor combines exclusive medical technology with the high level of expertise that patients like you expect in order to deliver the best medicine to you. This medicine is always developed by the best minds with the intention for the best possible care. The school is committed to providing the best care possible and focusing on quality, safety and the convenience of patients and their families. Along with this care comes a MyChart account to help you manage your health better. Log into your BCM MyChart account today.

Benefits of Your MyChartBCM Account mychartbcm_edu

While being able to communicate with your health care team from the comfort of your own home is certainly a convenient feature, that is not the only thing that you will be able to do once you log into your BCM My Chart account. You will also be able to:

  • Access your test results earlier than ever before
  • Manage your past and future appointments
  • Request refills on your prescribed medications

If you would like to download the Baylor Clinic MyChart mobile app onto your internet active mobile device you can do so by activating the proper link/button on the login page.

To log into your account, simply fill in your username and password into the spaces provided. If you do not yet have an account you can use the Sign Up Now button in order to get started with the account creation process. If you have any questions you can use the FAQs page for help or call 713-798-myct for assistance.