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Contact your physician’s office from the comfort of your own home via If you are a patient of TriHealth, you have access to your very own MyChart account. TriHealth understands that your health is important around the clock, not just during office hours. That’s why they began using the MyChart program. With My Chart Tri Health you will be able to access your electronic records, refill your medications and contact your health care team whenever you need to.

TriHealth keeps Cincinnati at the top of the game. By using TriHealth you will be gaining access to a whole system of care that is ready to help you and your family live better. TriHealh was formed in 1995 when Bethesda and Good Samaritan Hospital joined together, bringing together Cincinnati’s best healthcare organizations. Through these two hospitals and more that 120 different care sites, TriHealth is able to provide the Cincinnati community with a very wide range of not only clinical health programs, but also educational, preventive, and social programs as well.

In addition to the two major hospitals are a variety of different non-hospital services. These include: physician practice management, home health and hospice care, occupational health centers, as well as fitness centers and fitness center management. If you are a member of the TriHealth community, log into your Tri Health MyChart today!

Logging Into Your MyChartTriHealth Group Health Associates Accounttrihealthmychart_com

There are many different helpful care features that you will be able to access once you have created or logged into your account. These include:

  • Contact the office
  • Request prescription renewals
  • Get your test results
  • View your recent doctor’s office visits
  • Request appointments

Please keep in mind that MyChart TriHealth is not to be used for any emergency or urgent medical matters. If your situation requires urgent medical assistance, please dial 911 on your phone or call your doctor’s office. This includes any situations that require response within a 24 hour period or less. Messages sent to your doctors office via the MyChart messaging feature may take up to two whole business days to be responded to.

To log onto your account, simply enter your Tri My Health Chart ID Username and password into the appropriate boxes. If you are a new user and would like to sign up for an account for the first time, use the “Sign Up Now” button.  If you do not have an activation code you can request one online using the “Request a Code”