If you would like to log into your MyChart account with Mercy Health then this is the place to do it on By logging into your account you will be able to access a variety of different health care features and health services that will make managing your health easier. You can also request proxy access to a family member’s account. You can learn more about the variety of features by logging in or viewing the MyChart Mercy login page.

The overall mission of Mercy Health medical group as an organization today is the same as it was over a hundred years ago when the Sisters of Humility of Mary began providing health care services. The core values of the organization are compassion, excellence, human dignity, justice, sacredness of life and service. All of these are promoted within the organization and make use of forward thinking technology with the most innovative equipment to provide the best health care possible. If you are a patient that has recently received some of this high quality health care by Mercy Health, you can log into your MyChart account to view your online medical records now on the Mercy Health System MyChart login page.

More about your Mercy MyChart Health account mercy_mychart

By logging into your account you will be able to access a variety of different healthcare features that come along with most MyChart accounts. With Mercy My Chart you can:

  • Request appointments
  • Check your lab and test results
  • Request a refillable prescription refill
  • Contact your doctor to get your medical questions answered
  • View your child or dependent family member’s medical records with proxy access
  • Provide information access to needed physicians if you need to or wish to

If you are a patient of a Mercy Medical Center and are new to the MyChart program you will need to be aware of the following fact: you will need an activation code in order to get started with your account registration process. If you do not already have an activation code, you can call your primary care physician’s main office to inquire as to whether or not he or she offeres MyChart and request your own personal activation code.

Once you have created your account you will need to enter your login information whenever you would like to log in. This includes your username and password. It is suggested that you store this information in a safe place so that you do not lose it.