Group Health My Chart

Examine your electronic medical record by logging onto your GHC MyChart account on There are many different health care services and features that you can access by logging into your account. The MyChart program is available for you to use in connection with GHC once you have visit a GHC facility and receive your after visit summary.

Group Health Cooperative provides a variety of different health care services for you and your family to choose from. There are different Medical Center locations, as well as a twenty-four hour consulting nurse helpline that you need care advice or even need to know if you should get immediate medical attention. When you call the consulting nurse service a nurse will listen, give you advice and if deemed necessary, direct you to the proper facility to receive care. Group Health Cooperative offers health plans for both individuals and families, plans for state and federal employees, and plans for employers. If you are a patient of GHC or have recently received care from one of their many locations, you can use the activation code that you received to create a MyChart account. Once you have used this code to create your account, along with other personal information, you will be able to log into your account any time that you wish.

Logging Onto Your MyChart GHC Account ghcmychart_com

If you are trying to log into your MyChart GHC, you can do so by entering your GHCMyChart Login ID and your password. If you forgot your password you can use the “Forgot Password?” Link to get directions on how to reset your password. You will need to have your member number, email address, and date of birth on hand. If you do not know your member number you can use the following phone number to contact Member Services at (608)828-4853. 

If you would like to access your mygrouphealth account on-the-go you can download the MyChart Mobile app. You can go to the appropriate download page depending on your operating system by using the two different buttons located under the “Learn More…” Subheading.

There are also a few different links that are available for you to use if you would like to learn more about GHC My Chart. These links are: FAQs, Sign Up and Terms and Conditions.

What can you do on MyChart?

If you are wondering why this program is so beneficial, here are a few reasons. By using this program you will be able to:

  • Access your test results faster than ever before
  • Communicate with your health care team with ease
  • Manage and organize your appointments
  • Get your prescriptions refilled